3. EMBO Practice Course: Deadline for Registration in Holistic Modeling of Biomolecular Interactions 1 March 2020

Dear Researchers,

“Holistic Modeling of Biomolecular Interactions” EMBO Practice Course will be held in Izmir Biomedicine and Genome Center between 10-15 May 2020 in Izmir.

In the course, world-renowned scientists who are experts in the field;


 * docking-based calculation methods and related bioinformatics approaches to predict how proteins interact with other biomolecules or ligands


* To provide the theoretical background on the most advanced algorithms for sampling and scoring placement models, the use of low and high-resolution information, and the development of interface estimation methods based on conservation and evolution.


* Theoretical and practical courses will be given on other relevant topics in the field, including protein-peptide placement, data-based molecular simulations, and modelling of membrane proteins with large structures.


Scientists, PhD students, and postdoctoral researchers in the field of computational biology can attend the course.