YAP Project


It is the support given to the project types planned to be carried out within Yeditepe University and in the YAP application form.

  • Project applications are made to the Rectorate by the relevant Faculty by filling out the "Application Form" and submitting an official letter to the YAP Commission via EDYS.
  • Applications are first checked by the Project Management Office (PMO) to ensure that the documents requested in the application form are filled in completely. Applications with any deficiencies are not evaluated and returned to the applicant through the relevant Faculty.
  • Project proposals approved by the PMO are submitted to the YAP Commission for evaluation. The Commission evaluates the projects scientifically, taking into account the principles in the YAP Directive.
  • Applications deemed appropriate are submitted to the Rectorate and the Board of Trustees for review and approval. The final result of the application is notified to the affiliated Faculty in an official letter.
  • Applications for which revision is requested are forwarded to the applicant with the condition that the applicant must make the necessary revision and resubmit it to the Commission within 1 month at the latest. Applications not submitted within the relevant period are considered invalid.
  • The processes of the projects approved for support are carried out with the coordination of the PMO. Progress and final reports are shared with the relevant office experts on the dates specified in the project contract from the G-Drive account opened on behalf of the executive.
  • In the finalised projects, the project coordinator presents the outputs obtained to the YAP Commission