EU Strategic Energy Technologies Plan (SET Plan) Energy Efficiency Survey in Industry Published

Dear Researchers,

The Strategic Energy Technologies Plan (SET Plan) has an important role in the implementation of the European Energy Union's Research, Innovation and Competitiveness component.

The six objectives identified under the Research, Innovation and Competitiveness component are planned to be achieved through 10 actions set out in the SET plan.

One of the actions is Energy Efficiency in Industry. This area focuses on less energy consumption and competitiveness of the EU Industry. In order to realize this, the relevant countries and institutions came together and prepared the Implementation Plan document.

The main purpose of this document is to increase cooperation between national funding programs to improve R & D activities for the steel production, chemical, and system integration technology sectors.

In this context, we ask that you fill out the questionnaire in the link for the field in which you operate.

The survey will be open until 22 November 2019.

It is requested that the representatives of the institutions and organizations completing the questionnaire be informed about the completed information to

Your informations,