YAP Scientific Travel

It is the support given to the participation of Yeditepe University faculty members in activities such as congresses, conferences, presentations, symposiums, trainings, etc.

  • Applications are made to the Rectorate at least two (2) months before the date of the activity for international scientific travels and at least one (1) month before the date of the activity for national scientific travels, with an official letter and the documents requested in the application * via EDYS by the affiliated Faculty.
  • Applications are first checked by the PMO to ensure that the documents are submitted in full. Any deficiency detected and/or late applications are not taken into consideration and returned to the applicant through the relevant Faculty.
  • Eligible applications are submitted to the opinion and approval of the Board of Trustees. The final result of the application is notified to the affiliated Faculty in an official letter.



  • The scientific travels of the academic staff with the support of our University and their publications published in Q1/Q2 class journals in the last 2 academic years are taken into consideration.
  • Flight tickets are purchased by our University. For this reason, no retrospective payment is made for flight tickets purchased personally.
  • Accommodation fee is not covered for international travelling. For national travels, it is evaluated according to the cost of accommodation, taking into account other criteria.
  • In requests made as a registration & accommodation package programme, only the registration fee is evaluated.

*Documents requested in the application:

  • Faculty Administrative Board Decision Document
  • Letter of Acceptance/Submitted Abstract/Full Text (Poster etc.)
  • Certificate of Participation in the Programme
  • Q1/Q2 Class Publications (if applicable)