Yeditepe University Project Management Office

Yeditepe University Project Management Office (PMO) was established in September 2018 under the Vice Rector for Research.

The Project Management Office is responsible for the processes and activities of basic research projects at our university;

  • Investigating funding opportunities for national and international individual-partnered research projects,
  • Directing researchers with project ideas to optimum funding support,
  • Organisation of information days, trainings and workshops within the scope of funding programmes,
  • Making announcements about open project calls, project partnership news, scientific travel and award supports and individual scholarships for our researchers,
  • In case of acceptance of the application, managing the contracting process,
  • In case of acceptance of the application, managing the contracting process,
  • Ensuring successful management support with the acceptance of the project,
  • Indexing and keeping project data up to date
  • Increasing the scientific and technical efficiency of funding programmes and ensuring the sustainability of projects,
  • It supports Yeditepe University researchers in maximising scientific outputs.

Although the main duties and responsibilities of the Project Management Office are basic research projects processes and activities, it also has duties and responsibilities within the scope of Yeditepe University Research Projects and Scientific Activities Support (YAP) processes.

  • Ensuring the coordination of the YAP Project Support process,
  • YAP Ensuring the coordination of Support for Participation in Scientific Activities,
  • Coordination of the Academic Publication Incentive (AYT) process.